Colon Test

ColonTest Wins Out !

GI ChekSENSITIVE – THE all-in-one FOBT
Setting the new Standard.

All-In-One Diagnostics, Inc. (formerly ColonTestLLC) will be relaunching the product originally distributed by Diagnostica Corporation.

GI Chek™ SENSITIVE has some major advantages over traditional guaiac fecal occult blood tests (gFOBT).

GI Chek™ SENSITIVE is FDA cleared for both Over-the-Counter (OTC) and Professional Point-of-Care (POC).

For the Over-the-Counter:  GI Chek™ SENSITIVE combines the unique All-in-One format with the most sensitive gFOBT sold Over-the-Counter.  Consumers will be able to purchase at the local pharmacy or Online.  Patients can test their stool sample in the privacy of their home. 

> Provides Lab Quality Testing in the Home
> Detects Upper and Lower GI Bleeding
> Is an Easy 3 Step Process
> Provided in a 3 Day Format
> Complies with CRC Screening Guidelines
> Detects Early Drug Bleeding Side Effect
> Easy to Use & Easy to Read

For the Point-of-Care:  GI Chek™ SENSITIVE is designed for Point-of-Care testing including the Emergency Departments, Hospital Bedside, and Long-Term Care. The all-in-one packaging eliminates searching for the developer bottle, matching lot numbers, or sending the FOBT cards to the Lab.

> Provides Point-of-Care Testing Results
> Saves Staff Time
> Frees up Valuable ED Rooms
> Is a Cost Effective Solution
> Supports Lab and JC/CAP Standards
> Incorporates Dispensary Requirements
> Results in 2 Minutes for Faster Treatment

All-In-One Diagnostics, Inc. is looking for business partners
to invest and users desiring to becoming early adopters for